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It's only been a few months since Philosophy & Public Affairs published FZA's "Mature Adult Opinion," but the article, with it's ironic and accessible style, has already broken through the ivory tower and garnered universal public acclaim: Bernard-Henry Levy of The New York Times gave it four and half quills, while in the Guardian's review, Zizek famously exclaimed "My God, The Summer Blockbuster Of Pure Ideology! It is how do you say a 'must read' but it is precisely this 'must' which has become illegible—which no longer can be read—in the wake of FZA's work." The sole negative review, by Sokal in Pedants Weekly, chose simply to tally the grammatical mistakes of the work (a staggering 4 missed capitalizations and 4 missed apostrophes). However, I think there is much room for disagreement on the core thesis itself: that not murdering is simply a matter of taste, like paying one's taxes or preferring broccoli.

I mean, I get it. It's been 7 years since The Circumstance, and most of us are now practicing murder in one form or another. FZA has just stated, more eloquently, something which we all have come to accept. While the small space of this review won't allow for a full rebuttal, one brief points is worth mentioning.

Earlier I had implied that preferring broccoli is just a matter of taste, a point I bet you just accepted and moved over, but let's examine this assumption. Using a combination of Peeple (yes, I know, the app responsible for The Circumstance), Instagram food selfies, Google's image recognition, and the emerging field of 'statistics,' researchers have observed that those who eat broccoli seem to be living longer than those who don't. In fact the small squadron in which I've been placed in command, now called Brassica Division, have been able to avoid drone detection by covering ourselves in broccoli (although this has only worked for The Farm and The Green Mean Zone, not Ice Cathedral or Red Pain Arena). While we no longer have access to equipment that allows us to study the properties of broccoli, it is my belief that it's elan vital must contain some sort of life giving property.

This sort of analysis could be applied to all sort of things. For example many of us are wearing fashion accessories like glasses to get more favs (and thus push back our execution), but some have reported certain kinds of glasses have increased their vision stats or lessened their 'thought pain'. And why are the Greek Statues and hauntingly shifted Diana Ross vocals now deemed 'forbidden'? Are we to infer that at one time the ancients were using these to garner views? While murdering, I admit, is the quickest way to get an rt, it's at least possible to envision a 'twin earth' in which murdering would not earn rt's and would thus actually extend our lives.

Nonetheless, "Mature Adult Opinion" is a top notch work and useful contribution to these debates. Five stars.

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im upbutting this but i want to disclose fza and i are friends on irc