submitted without caption by hoppetin just_post

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is it cooking or trying to get a better radio signal tho

Sabrina is getting a gritty reboot by oakreefin just_post

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what about a laughtrack too

Evacuate for hurricane, lose your job by devteslain vote_satan

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lol these people

Which toe is the narutoe? by hoppetin dontwatchanime

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the one that can naruto run the best

miraculous by mankyfaxin just_post

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he's actually hawkmoth

Hilarious and ironic trainwreck of a translation by oakreefin just_post

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oh man this is actually pretty interesting and well explained? and it's really cool to see it in another language? cause most of the ones i see are when people think alphabets and random chinese characters are interchangeable

Juicero is shutting down by captain_cornflakesin just_post

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What will I do with all these juice packets that need squeezing????

in a move that is being described "not really a move;" that other site is going to stop releasing its code by trimalchioin fempire

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I want forum signatures that I can fill with sparkly text

[31/08] couldn't decide on one, so it's two different looks by oolongin just_drawe

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I like both! the second one looks like they've got a killer dress :o

awkward reporter gets owned in grocery store by devteslain technology

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lol what i didn't even catch this because ounce is a very foreign concept to me

it's almost three times of what we pay here? and i live in one of the worlds' expensive cities according to this

awkward reporter gets owned in grocery store by devteslain technology

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what's whole foods?

[08-26] eeep it's 11pm by mustbecuriousin just_drawe

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thanks! i'm still fumbling around with value studies but it looks convincing enough i hope?

it's based on the mountains on zhangjiajie too :>

[08-27] this self-imposed 10-minute limit is stressing me out hahaha by mustbecuriousin just_drawe

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but it's like really good exercise on prioritising i guess?

[25/08] lineart is hard by oolongin just_drawe

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the hair looks good~ i love the braids :>

and maybe differing line weights could make it pop up a bit more (disclaimer: i never tried very clean line art like yours so uh...)