coming back here to check comments after a particularly fighty voltron thread on /co/ is like fuckin whiplash by toasthastein just_post

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voltron ship wars? i thought that was what the cartoon was about. that is, to say,

space ship wars.

(dont go on 4chan boards its never worth it ever. the only thing i know about voltron is that it got popular on tumblr and the purple bad guys are, uh, kinda hot. also the word "klance")

[UPDATE] I have a real bad hangnail by hoppetin just_post

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oh man i love gross medical stuff

[UPDATE] I have a real bad hangnail by hoppetin just_post

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how does a hangnail get so bad that you have to see a doctor for it :? is it infected??

Learning from the mistakes of thefempire.org by KarlMarxin fempire

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I wouldn't describe myself as hostile (im not mad im actually laughing irl, etc) but like, I just feel like the person who wrote the post is taking this website far too seriously? I don't think thefempire was meant to be anything more than what it is right now. Also, complaining about how a group of people are insular and don't post enough High Quality Content because it's all too personal is more likely to make that group of people raise their hackles, if that makes sense?

Learning from the mistakes of thefempire.org by KarlMarxin fempire

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We can make sure that shitposting doesn't become acceptable, or, god forbid, a part of the website's culture.


In the same vein as this, pretty much all of the users never capitalized their sentences, or used proper punctuation. This got pretty annoying after a while.

LMFAO honey

The vast majority of the users were liberals, and the "communists" were really social democrats. This drove away the leftists.

I'm going to go ahead and say that like, the primary interest of the ShitRedditSays community in like 2012 when thefempire.org was started was not to Be Communists. I don't know what this person was expecting. There wasn't much political interest beyond being against "bigotry", often on an individual basis (individual reddit users), rather than examining the political structures that bolstered and supported the forces we had an issue with. Which makes sense, because the people we were placing ourselves in opposition to more often than not didn't connect their individual comments with broader right wing political activity.

How precious, though.

Learning from the mistakes of thefempire.org by KarlMarxin fempire

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whats sls and lsc???

[Hey Devtesla] Indie Dev on Tumblr is Actually Making a Golden Girls Videogame by 1vsin killallgames

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i'm not entirely sure where grawly is going with this but i support him. also know that he is the hero who livetweeted going to the hospital because he had a sex toy stuck in his butt https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/vibrating-butt-dildo-doctor-livetweet/

you only yolo once by hoppetin just_post

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"How liberal Zionists are causing deep schisms in the American left" by nekuin reds

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I put the title in quotes because I want to say that I don't necessarily endorse this article, and I definitely either do not have enough information to reject the idea of or support the idea that the people involved were Israeli lobbyists/partisans/zionists. I even don't know if I disagree with the idea that asking the flagbearers to leave was antisemitic. But I do think it's important to evaluate the political position of the Magen David in 2017 from a left perspective.

here's the democratic party's big plan to win in 2018 by nekuin vote_satan

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lowering the price of prescription drugs

that's the most like, half assed nod to the majority of americans who want single payer health care

$1 trillion infrastructure plan aimed at job creation

welfare for the wealthy, okay

raising the minimum wage to $15

i'm genuinely pleased about this!

on some level its good to see that dsa/bernie sanders folks are pulling the democrats leftward enough to pretend to care about the working class, it's sad that it's not enough to pull the democrats leftward enough to actually propose policies that will benefit the working class in the long term lol

i've been cutting my sandwiches diagonally rather than down the center lately by hoppetin just_eate

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cut your sandwich horizontally and vertically. that's four sandwiches

Understanding liberals versus the left by devteslain vote_satan

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first i havent read what people on the bad light blue website have said about this article so maybe this is just rehashing shit other people have said. please keep in mind also that i am dumb as fuck and write like a fourth grader. thank you, workers of the world unite, etc

i think characterising people who believe in the so called aims of liberalism - freedom, equality, etc - but not the economic ideology of liberalism as people who are Liberals Anyway is in a way just as confusing as the leftist/liberal/neoliberal language that bruenig is trying to explain. i feel like the terms and values of "socialism", "communism", maybe "anarchism" etc also include the "norms of liberalism" in that socialism/communism/maybe anarchism typically tend to embody the ideals of egalitarianism, free inquiry, etc etc. but that doesn't mean that i can describe a swath of modern politics as socialists/communists/maybe-anarchists because their values align with those i feel are typical within socialism/communism/maybe-anarchism. there is a distinct economic component within each of those ideologies, and that's what makes the distinction necessary.

(using the word liberal to describe the ideology of modern politics is also a good way to illustrate the fact that, for example, in the USA both the democrats and republicans are beholden to a single ideology. whoever takes power, their policy and ideology is american liberalism. being like "well actually We Are All Liberals" reduces the power of the statement. i'm not sure if that's important or not.)

moreover, if liberalism truly fights for liberty, then can we truly say that the entire western political establishment are liberals? is theresa may a liberal when she fights to repeal human rights laws in order to crack down on "terrorists"? was barack obama a liberal when he killed people in foreign countries without a trial and without declaring war? when paul ryan and his party manoeuvre to make it as difficult as possible for women to receive healthcare or assert autonomy over their own bodies, is he not still a liberal? are they all doing Liberal shit?

also, i feel like saying that there are two sides to liberalism - the "norms" or values of liberalism and the economic aspects of liberalism ie capitalism - gives a sense that, in a way, the boosters of liberalism have made a mistake or error in their thinking where they've blundered into being capitalists despite their commitment to Values instead of something that is inherent to the ideology of liberalism.

in a way i feel this piece also demonises those who stand against the ideology of liberalism by invoking the spectre of The Bad Communists, stalin and mao (that's me being wry please do not take this necessarily as an endorsement of stalin and mao), as people who "went after" liberalism. there's been a lot said about liberalism from the far left, including from people more favoured by the modern far left, like lenin and marx and so on. it also doesn't address their arguments against liberalism. stalin and mao are controversial figures but that doesn't mean they can't be right about some things

in a way i feel like this article is a concession to both the way that "liberal" is often used, by the left (proudly!) and the right, to describe everyone to the left of michael bloomberg, and also the hegemony of the ideology of liberalism. instead of saying to progressive "liberals" that there are contradictions in their ideology and that socialists are Not liberals for reasons that we generally see as important, this article wants to surrender to the dominance of liberalism and in a way, says that we aren't so radical, we're willing to work within the system, bernie sanders 2020. but deciding that we will not yield to liberal hegemony is what has revitalised the left since the 2008 recession, and we shouldn't start now, especially now that the stakes are getting higher and higher.

i feel like i have just presented a shitty essay to the teacher. thank you and good night.

WELP, I just ventured into the part of tumblr where people draw fanart of nick robinson and griffin mcelroy kissing by toasthastein just_post

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lol ya. the wildest thing about it is like... nick robinson + griffin is so totally not compelling at all?? like you cant squeeze any juice from this lemon. you do not need to start beating the horse because it was 100% dead when we got here

i worry that sometimes people cant like things without turning it into some weird Fandom thing where they make pastel edits and shit

tomorrow's splatfest is cake vs ice cream and no one is choosing cake by devteslain killallgames

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i like to microwave cake a lil and put some ice cream on top. that's dialectics, baby.

tfw you're walking down a hall or sidewalk behind someone and they're walking slow and you wanna pass them but they keep swerving left and right by hoppetin just_post

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when im walking i try hard to stay on the left side of the pavement because you drive on the left side of the road where i live. sometimes it is hard to walk straight though.