Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership by nekuin fempire

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I never made the connection reading the piece, but that's a really good point. At the risk of sounding overly critical, Jobs is comparable to Disney in the sense that he was spending a massive amount of money to create an otherworldly-like structure/environment based on fantastical ideas, ie a building that is simultaneously inside and outside, shipping in trees and rocks from all over America to create some ideally designed paradise, etc. It's like Walt Disney was commissioned to create a Silicon Valley office space, using the design ethos of the modern smartphone.

You could even compare something like the massive underground machinery used to move the huge glass panes separating the café from the outdoors to the ways that theme parks try to conceal workers, machinery, etc in order to give attendees a sense of being in another world.

Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership by nekuin fempire

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the normie side of me is like wow... five billion dollars for a big donut building with lots of really weird specific design choices that drive up the price for no good reason... and the communist part of me is like I WANNA BLOW THIS FUCKING THING UP!!!! five billion dollars? bombs are probably WAY cheaper!!! i want to see this dumb monument to capitalist greed crumble. i want to release swarms of rats into this shithole like im this guy http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/1960s-julius-hobson-took-dcs-rat-problem-his-own-hands-180955961/

honestly though i just wonder how the fuck theyre going to clean this thing, inside and out?? is apple going to design a fancy scissor lift so some underpaid single mother of three can clean a four storey tall piece of glass by hand?

theyve invested so heavily in this aluminium-and-glass aesthetic that i cant help but wonder if its going to look aged in twenty years. like making a building out of wood panel siding.

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maybe im biased because i grew up with western cutlery but i feel the barrier to entry with chopsticks is far greater than it is with forks

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ok! that makes sense. in the past i've seen monitors freak out like that (freezing etc) when the graphics card is failing. but you dont have one so you dont have to worry about that

Computer problems by Fangrenin just_ask

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my kneejerk reaction is that it sounds like you have a faulty motherboard. however if everything is fine past 15 minutes then thats weird enough that i think itd be worth running the computer for a while without booting into windows by booting into the BIOS instead to see if its some sort of strange problem with windows?

find out your motherboard model https://www.howtogeek.com/208420/how-to-check-your-motherboard-model-number-on-your-windows-pc/ and google how to enter BIOS with your motherboard model. (normally it's f1/f12/the delete key, some motherboards display how to enter BIOS on the bootup screen right when you turn your computer on)

if the same problem occurs (your mouse+speakers probably won't be functional in the BIOS but your monitor and keyboard will) then i'd probably chalk it up to a faulty mobo. if the issue doesn't reappear then i'd recommend backing up everything on your PC and reinstalling windows.

also thinking about the monitor fucking up im curious - is your monitor plugged into the motherboard or a graphics card? (heres an image to help. your monitor cable might not be VGA but the idea is the same http://i.imgur.com/cTTbGVj.jpg )

anyway i hope this helps!!! please dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions as well. i'm not super good at explaining things lol

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i feel that nowadays we should be seeing notch as less of a game developer and more a member of the idle reactionary rich

that is to say, bring out the guillotine

folks theres a new issue of the antifa field manual please update your records accordingly by nekuin vote_satan

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mustbecurious you are valid

heres alex jones getting EXTREMELY offended at being flipped off by a guy on the street by nekuin vote_satan

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he runs like a man who has not ran since he was in high school

Sonic Mania secret ending (spoiler) by oakreefin sonic

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knuckles is a cold motherfucker. theres no way eggman didnt die in that explosion

heres alex jones getting EXTREMELY offended at being flipped off by a guy on the street by nekuin vote_satan

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imagine if the best insult you could come up with was telling someone "you're not an intellectual" like fucking come on

PSA There's a movie about a Bitcoin heist by StudentRadicalin just_post

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lol its literally called Bitcoin Heist the world is so dumb

text: justified or unjustified? by oakreefin just_post

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i googled the word zerzan and no. i am absolutely not john zerzan

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! I'm calling you out by flabberghasterin just_post

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the concept of writing a callout post just sounds so exhausting. like... just cut all contact like a normal person??? if im that mad about it i'll just say something passive aggressive

text: justified or unjustified? by oakreefin just_post

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its the morning so it took me a while to realise you were asking about text alignment rather than like the moral status of the concept of writing