awkward reporter gets owned in grocery store by devteslain technology

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satire yes?

Learning from the mistakes of thefempire.org by KarlMarxin fempire

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"Sir, I've just discovered a small community that likely shares many of our values and beliefs. Shall I engage in a charitable and friendly manner?"

"Are you nuts? You need to write an unnecessarily hostile and condescending think-piece! How can we claim to speak for The PeopleTM if we don't deliberately alienate others over perceived and/or minor ideological differences?"

its like i died and went to heaven by Presidential_Afroin PAGD

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jesus why

Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice by 1vsin just_post

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curry making album by hoppetin just_eate

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need more angry stick figure man saying the bad words

me irl by dj_zetkinin me_irl

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down the rabbit hole


ARMS lore by mmultiplierin killallgames

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that said that aliens and monsters were attacking her place and aksed her for help

plz vote in my poll by devteslain vote_satan

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I know those words

Star Trek: TNG really does get supremely better in season 3 by hoovy_woopeansin just_post

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DS9 is the same way, you should watch that next :)

GAME THEORY: UNDERTALE is based in the Captain Underpants universe??? by 1vsin games

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but hey..... that's JUUUUST a THEEEeeeoooorrrRRRYYY....

im having heart palpitations by nekuin vote_satan

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lol cults of personlity

MRW the new Starcraft Brood War update doesn't actually support custom keybinds by redakteurin killallgames

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Blizzard recently released SC:Brood War for free, and one of the promised features was custom keybinding. Previously you could handle this through a well-placed text file. At any rate, they decided not to implement custom keybinds after all, and the other solution I mentioned no longer works either. The only way one could resolve this is to use some sort of key mapping program, but that sounds like a tremendous waste of time and won't get things exactly right either because there are different contexts where you might want a the same input key to be mapped to different things.

It's annoying because the default key bindings in BW are really bad and will fuck your shit up if you get wrist problems or have a disability of some kind. There's also no way in hell from a programming standpoint that a custom keybind feature is difficult to implement. Into the garbage it goes, at least until they fix it :P

i dunno what thot means by oakreefin just_post

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In the Star Trek universe, it's a Breen military rank:


me irl by Presidential_Afroin me_irl

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I was actually trying to use annotations a bit earlier, them being disabled is pretty silly lol

where are all the stem majors who hate art that i keep hearing about by 1vsin just_post

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in my experience people in physcis tended to have interests/experience in art, literature, and/or music.

now people in comp sci on the other hand...

These are the only let's plays i watch now by gingirlin killallgames

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god no

literally unbelievable by StudentRadicalin stevenuniverse

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fuck yea gimme

lizzles asked me how i feel about pickles so i wrote this poem by hoppetin just_eate

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fuck yeah pickles.

Ever try pickled radishes? that shit's like candy