tfw you’re swiping thru tinder and the ex you still haven’t gotten over pops up by razzlein just_post

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Which direction swipe is the most passive aggressive

Feminists destroy another respected cultural institution by nekuin fempire

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I mean, the MCU literally began with iron man being the mastermind behind a weapons manufacturing corporation getting sent to the middle east to beat up al quida, so who knooooows.

what good games does the switch have other than zelda and mario xcom by oakreefin killallgames

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it's a puzzle platformer which executes on its gimmick really well. Only thing I'd dock it on is not enough content, want more content, was very happy with existing content want more.

any a y'all play destiny 2? by toasthastein just_post

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I've got it pre-bought for the PC version, never played it before, but people's opinions I respect praise it so here goes?

I've started to realise one of my favourite things in games in the feeling of movement by oakreefin killallgames

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Everybody should be allowed to be a bird in World Of Warcraft. Best thing about the entire game was just being in bird form, flying over different parts of the world.

saw this on that other me_irl and then a day later its on leftbook. what cutting edge memes we have. by trimalchioin memes

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not gonna lie I love the rhyming meme

Do you speak gamer? by missingnoin killallgames

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tag yrself I'm Srsly?

heres the stuff i dont want from my humble monthly for sep 2017 by nekuin games

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God I really gotta start doing this too

Pot of Greed EXPLAINED! by oakreefin just_post

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if i were a younger man I could have watched the whole thing, but I could only get through 9:26

Update about my friend who I thought was not cis by oakreefin just_post

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tbh the best comings out seem to be the ones where everybody knows but you

a dude on the Unitale subreddit is hosting a competition to come up with the worst possible control scheme damn I need to enter this by oakreefin just_post

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Undertale Pinball:

A full pinball table setup, complete with flippers, bumpers and a pit. Then send things that you should dodge while trying to keep your pinball alive.

Inverted Undertale:

You can't move the heart. Instead, you have to use maybe your mouse cursor to move away particles floating towards your heart.

But really, you want... like... programmer humor bad.

Sine Wave Movement:

The player can see their current speed osculating between -1 and 1 on a little graph. So the player moves from REALLY REALLY FAST to pretty fast to pretty slow to virtually stopped to barely moving backwards to moving backwards quickly and finally REALLY REALLY FAST BACKWARDS.

after my upcoming surgery i'm going to have metal in my body, does that mean i'll officially be a cyborg? by hoppetin just_ask

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woah did you just get those knocked loose?

in which srsly lays down a beat by srslyin just_post

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ha ha no i made the worst beat i could as a joke

in which srsly lays down a beat by srslyin just_post

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yeah it didnt let me share the phat beat I made but it's cool i deliberately made it bad as a joke

in which srsly lays down a beat by srslyin just_post

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wait I thought I could use that button to share the fat (phat??) beat I made

will there be a weed emoji in our lifetimes? by anandin just_post

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oh is that what that is??

Wow, you guys are paying 95 a month to keep the site running? by KarlMarxin meta

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it usually gets better if I hope it gets better long enough