lol I went to uf :( by ononononin just_post

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richerd sponcer

Is Mario a DILF? Discuss. by toasthastein killallgames

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who is his child

Feminists destroy another respected cultural institution by nekuin fempire

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Yeah I'm guessing the relationship between the two companies is consultancy/military assets on the movies, but it does seem kind of weird that there was supposed to be a whole press event or whatever

please help me with this picross puzzle by nekuin killallgames

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I am now seeing where my logic is flawed, crap this is hard

please help me with this picross puzzle by nekuin killallgames

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you should be able to get a few squares in the middle of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh rows from the bottom if i'm remembering how to do these properly

I like this high concept house design by mmultiplierin just_post

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there's a condo building in my old neighbourhood that looks like a stack of shipping containers but isn't actually made of them, it's ugly as sin imo but topical because i did live in the seaport area

if you're going to see It, make sure you see it in IMAX. It's so realistic that you can by you_may_diein just_post

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if not familiar with the material: it takes place in Derry, ME

if not familiar with french: derrière (pronounced that way) is french for butt

just made a fried eggplant sandwich by you_may_diein just_eate

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this is definitely a key addition to my sandy repertoire and my cooking repertoire in general

is memeable a word by mankyfaxin just_post

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yeah unfortunately (most times i've heard it in the wild it's been to refer to some altright dingus)

hmm whihc flavor should i trust by mmultiplierin killallgames

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i'd love to claim my old cred re getting this reference but the truth is i played it in 2014 on steam and enver got far enough to figure out what any of those 2 were saying

Deep Six: Jemele Hill on the Fight for the Future of ESPN (good read on Blackness in sports media) (Ringer) by you_may_diein sports

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*Blackness and politics, or, as we online sports fans call them, politic's