omg this gorilla dancing hs by mmultiplierin just_post

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i wonder if this is unusual or that's just a thing they do

A fun word scramble! by dj_zetkinin just_post

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Why it's the name of my band, Puns to a Damageable Irony

episodic tv is good by oakreefin television

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Is Black Mirror episodic drama? I mean I guess it's still sorta scifi

spiderman ps4 by you_may_diein killallgames

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yeah I think the storyline/story missions in ultimate were better but spoderman2 was pretty groundbreaking when the only real city sandbox games around were true crime and gta3/vice city and it would be years before either of those franchises incorporated rpg mechanics, allowed you to swing on webs (objectively more fun even than flying), and featured balloon-catching sidequests or mysterio as a villain

edit: also a kotaku article I read said that while there would be QTEs they wouldn't be a major part of it & failing a QTE would be a fail state rather than a branching story path

Are Milennials Killing Chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebees? by you_may_diein vote_satan

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the pizza place near one of my old apartments had a garbage can that was clearly stolen from the iconic neighbourhood mcdonalds

they called the new xbox xbox by Presidential_Afroin killallgames

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x_boX_One_x is my gamertag on xbox one x live

when i play sonic forces should i make my original character a sonic or a bubsy by 1vsin games

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make it a blue sonic, identical to the classic character popularized by sega in the 1991 genesis game "sonic the hedgehog"

mustardmon by mmultiplierin killallgames

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i'm interpreting this to mean that eating a pile of mustard is as good for you as eating a pile of kale or cauliflower

hey what are u reading this week: the fempire independent book club (june 11) by you_may_diein books

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my hometown has a rich literary history about which i'm not nearly knowledgeable enough, but this past winter i read a nice book of short stories called Bad Things Happen (Kris Bertin). i ended up picking it up because i'd read an article in the local alt-weekly mentioning how the writer did a lot of the writing for it at the bar across the street from my house and there was a signed copy at the bookstore by my office. i think i've actually mentioned it in this series before, maybe talking about short stories? anyway it felt very familiar and specific in a way that i can't really describe so that was cool.

also since i bring up comics so much i can't not mention kate leth, who is based in LA now but came up in halifax. i'm not really the target demo for her work and as such don't really read it (but i'll probably eventually pick up the hellcat trades at least and once i have a little extra money to start putting toward patreons she's high on my list) but i think it's really cool how she unabashedly and enthusiastically writes for teens, specifically teen girls, specifically queer teen girls who don't have enough representation in the comics industry and has really established a place for herself doing that. She's written for properties like edward scissorhands, fraggle rock, bravest warriors, vampirella, adventure time and the aforementioned hellcat as well as the original properties Power Up (kind of a subversion of the magical girl genre?) and Spell on Wheels (currently ongoing with Dark Horse, as far as i can tell it's a group of witches on a road trip across america)

Stan Lee Owns Rob Liefeld by StudentRadicalin just_post

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I've always thought of kirby as the "cool one" of those 2 but this has warmed me up to stan lee significantly

i'm sure there's some alternative to dying a hero but comic books are for nerds so i wouldn't know

edit: also this might be kind of obvious but the "how does he put his costume on" comment is really interesting and i think belies a key difference between great comic book heroes and shitty or just-ok ones. of course stan lee, co-creator of characters like spiderman, daredevil, the hulk and the x-men cares about what it's like for the character to put their costume on because he cares what the hero's life is like when they're not in costume, as well as their motivations for putting on the costume. he's probably thought about that question a lot, with regard to every character he's ever created.

Cool S - Wikipedia by Presidential_Afroin just_post

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RJ MacReady, in his office, draws a cool S on a piece of looseleaf. He adjusts his goofy hat, takes a swig of Jameson straight from the bottle and returns to his game of computer chess

tfw Nytimes best movies since 2000 list has Spirited Away and no Princess Kaguya by devteslain just_post

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i wouldn't be surprised if i watched the master or inherent vice again and liked either of them more than there will be blood

but there will be blood was also great and was probably one of the first prestige-y kind of movies i ever saw and liked. i guess my list of the 25 best movies of the 21st century would be like 1/2 PTA movies because punch drunk love'd be there too

I feel that a huge part of the "everyone has already forgotten Avatar" (James Cameron film) thing is just that we're not used to big sci fi hits not being utterly milked to death? by oakreefin just_post

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Yeah it's not like it ever really developed a large, devoted fanbase to support the merchandising and multimedia empire that tentpole sci-fi franchises need to stay relevant

The NFL Machine Has Finally Beaten Colin Kaepernick by devteslain vote_satan

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Kaepernick is such a bizarre, unique situation. He's a "running quarterback," a label that is disproportionately applied to Black quarterbacks but fits pretty well with Kaepernick's actual skillset. He's, and I say this as someone who has always kind of liked him but especially since his protests, a replacement-level talent. He's led his team to the Super Bowl. And, despite easily being better than every QB that Andy Benoit lists in his tweet thread except maybe Jimmy Garroppolo, despite a ton of replacement-level talents having backup QB jobs in the NFL, he's unemployed.

It's because he's been outspokenly anti-establishment, for sure. Once a player gets a reputation for having "off-the-field issues" (which can range from juvenile delinquency to smoking weed to drunk driving to domestic abuse) or being a "distraction" (personally outspoken, typically in a left-wing fashion but also being black and funny applies here) most GMs require ownership approval to draft, sign or trade for them. Owners are, of course, super-rich, which means that with at least one exception (Falcons owner Arthur Blank) they're super fuckin' republican. GMs, for the most part, too. Broncos' (one of the teams that could have potentially been in the market for CK) GM John Elway wrote a letter specifically supporting Jeff Sessions, for some reason, for example.

It's also because of the NFL's bizarre politics regarding Black quarterbacks and "athletic" quarterbacks. There's a dichotomy between the "pocket" QB who plays the position in the traditional sense (pure passing essentially) and the "running" or "option" QB who takes advantage of his running ability/athleticism to diversify the set of plays you can make at the position. The majority of QBs in the league are pocket QBs and the majority of schemes are developed for pocket QBs. The rules are designed such that pocket QBs are more effective, and typically when running QBs are successful it's because the defense wasn't able to scheme for them. Essentially, that means there's only so many spots in the league for running QBs and, for a running QB to play backup, they should probably be behind another running QB or at least a mobile pocket QB. It also needs to be said that Black QBs, regardless of what they actually are but especially if they have some semblance of mobility, get lumped in with running QBs. This is because America stereotypes Black men as faster and stronger but less intelligent than white men.

But a lot of (even fairly progressive) pundits can't talk about Kaepernick without categorically denying that he's being blacklisted for his political views. Which, fine, he's not. Teams don't collude if it goes against their own interests. But redirecting every conversation to that denies that it's his political views, his Blackness, the fact that he can run, the fact that he's somewhere between the 28th and 35th best QB in the league and the fact that America is racist have intersected to put him out of a job in the NFL, and with even one of those factors lessened he'd be on a team right now.

Are Milennials Killing Chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebees? by you_may_diein vote_satan

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yeah for real, without reading the article it's pretty obvious to me that as consumers the internet saves us from relying on mediocre brand names